Who we are

Gowings Whale Trust was established in 2016 by business leader, John Gowing.

As a surfer and fisherman, John feels deeply connected to the ocean. He believes that businesses profiting from material production have an ethical responsibility to ensure that their business practices are sustainable. As Director of Gowings Whale Trust, John aims to forge strong partnerships with environmental agencies, using the profit from Gowings companies to fund effective projects.

Our Story

In 2016, John Gowing experienced firsthand the majesty and beauty of whales while diving with whale sharks in Western Australia. As a surfer, fisherman and businessman he connected his love of the water with the urgent need for business leaders to support environmental activists to protect our oceans and marine wildlife.

Gowings Whale Trust is financed by public donations, merchandise sales and donations from Gowings surf hardware company FCS. FCS donates to Gowings Whale Trust through their 1% for the Oceans campaign, which garners 1% of all sales internationally.

Our Mission

We established the Gowings Whale Trust to increase people’s knowledge, involvement and understanding of the humpback whale through public education.

Established to protect and preserve our oceans and marine life, our strong connections with the corporate and public arenas ensures that the Whale Trust flourishes. By using Gowings business channels the Gowings Whale Trust is able to initiate campaigns that support like-minded research, ocean clean-up and direct-action organisations.

Our Partners

Gowings Whale Trust is funded through partnerships with FCS surf hardware and Keyport. We use our funds to partner with organisations such as the Sea Shepherd, Plastic Collective, Ocean Warrior and MiiMi Aboriginal Corporation.

Gowings Whale Trust purchased a RIB chase boat to sit on board the Ocean Warrior ship. The RIB boat is a fast intercept vessel used to get between the whale boats and the whale. GWT also supports Sea Shepherd by selling their merchandise at the Gowings shopping centres of Coffs Central, Port Central and Kempsey Central.

We’re proud to commit to a better future for the planet we inhabit, and so we’ve made the conscious decision to transition our brand and overall business to a more environmentally conscious and sustainable one.

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1% of all of our sales are donated to the preservation of our oceans and to support awareness and activism around environmental issues. This is done via the Gowings Whale Trust, started by John Gowing, our parent company’s owner, who himself is a strong support of the environment and an agent for change.

Of course we can always improve and have several projects in the works to help minimise our footprint.

GWT has funded a partnership between GWT, the Plastic Collective and MiiMi Aboriginal Corporation to set up a Plastic Collective Shruder Recycling Centre at MiiMi’s Bowraville home.

GWT has funded a partnership between GWT, the Plastic Collective and MiiMi Aboriginal Corporation to set up a Plastic Collective Shruder Recycling Centre at MiiMi’s Bowraville home.

Gowings Whale Trust is about to purchase an outboard vessel for Ocean Warrior. GWT founder John Gowing and his son James are on the board of directors of Ocean Warrior.

Keyport support GWT by making GWT branded Keyports available for GWT to sell at a reduced price.

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