Do Something

Want to get involved, to be counted, to stand up for our planet?
Here are a few ways that you can activate positive change, from shooting (video only!) to shopping.

Check what activists are doing

Find out what the super heroes of survival are doing to save our planet.

People like our partners Sea Shepherd and Ocean Warrior Australia. There are millions of people just like you all over the world, who care about our planet. Find out about them here.

Learn More

What are you doing?

Gowings Whale Trust wants to hear about what you are doing to help save our planet!

Do you recycle? Got any great recycling tips to share? Do you pick up plastic off the beach and waterways?
Are you a wildlife carer? Tell us about it!

Every action counts, big or small.
So share with us what you are doing to help and we will send you a cool Gowings Whale Trust cap!

Please note any videos associated please link in the above description box.
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