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Our mission is to increase people’s awareness of the importance and value of the humpback whale.

We fund direct action, education and research projects through the sale of merchandise and your donations. We partner with like-minded organisations to achieve the goal of protecting and preserving our oceans and marine life.

100% of the profits from all donations and merchandise sales are returned the Gowings Whale Trust.

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What you can
do to help

Want to get involved, to be counted, to stand up for our planet? There are a few ways that you can activate positive change from donations to shopping!

Every action counts, big or small. Help us protect the whales and their environment.

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Discover facts and
stories about whales

Want to learn more about whales and their environment?

From April to November each year, the Humpback whales amaze its viewers as it makes its way through the Eastern coastline of Australia. They can travel as far as 10 000km North to find warmer waters!

By increasing our understanding of this beautiful creature and its enviroment, we will have a better chance of ensuring its survival.

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