Pesticide Pollution – Killing Kids and Whales

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11 Mar 2022

Neither human children nor marine mammals can protect themselves against harmful pesticides. With flood waters in northern NSW sending farm run-off down river to the ocean, what can we do?

Susceptibility to pesticide poisoning is due to a gene deficiency that babies and whales share. In this 3-minute video, Professor Tracey Rogers explains how the PON1 gene in land mammals can break down toxic chemicals, but the gene is underdeveloped in human children and evolved-out in marine mammals.

We’re Swimming In It

We can keep our kids away from pesticides, mostly. However, the whales are not so lucky.

“Pollution in the waterways means that our precious marine mammals are swimming in it.”

The Flood in Northern NSW

Over the last 10 days we have lived through an extreme weather event, resulting in disastrous flooding in northern NSW. Pollution in the waterways means that our precious marine mammals are swimming in it. As highly toxic flood waters flow down-river to the ocean, marine pollution must be managed. But how?

A cow carcass washed up on Boulder Beach, Skennars Head in northern NSW.

These are the questions of the future.

  • Can pesticide companies offer less damaging chemicals?
  • Can our already burdened farmers use different farming practices and still make a living?

They are big questions that involve financial and social change. What are we prepared to alter or give up? How can we best affect change on those more powerful than us?

“What kind of world are we creating?”

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